Academic Advising and Guidance

Academic Advising & Guidance

Crossroads Christian School Incorporated partners with parents for each student’s academic success.  This partnership is an established, ongoing, intentional relationship between Crossroads Christian homeschool educators and parents.

The goals of the Academic Partnership are:

  • To enable students to build on their academic strengths by promoting a responsive, challenging and supportive educational environment characterized by high standards, commitment to quality and student success.
  • To advance student academic and social development into engaged, independent learners and competent decision makers.
  • To ensure the student is taking the proper coursework needed to graduate within four years while equipping them to make a wise and informed choice of college or university and to facilitate career skills for the non-college-bound students.
  • To prepare the college bound student for college entry exams.
  • To direct and instruct qualified students to be judicious with their application for higher education admissions, including financial aid / scholarships.

Graduation Requirements
The Crossroads diploma requires four years of High School academic courses. Students in Grades 9-12 take five or six full-credit homework-bearing courses per semester and must complete community service hours. The normal course load for seniors is five full-credit homework-bearing courses. In special circumstances, a senior may be granted permission to take a sixth homework-bearing course. In addition, students may take optional elective courses. All courses are tailor designed to meet each students needs for post-secondary plans.
The diploma is awarded to seniors with four years of high school attendance who have met the School’s academic standards, completed the required community service hours and fulfilled the course requirements listed below.  To remain eligible for a Crossroad’s diploma, a student must faithfully attend one of our study programs, maintain a passing grade point average and complete the required community service hours during the high school years at Crossroads.  In most cases, Crossroads does not grant diplomas to students who leave the School after junior year.
As stated above, one of the advantages of Crossroads at the high school level is that you can customize your child’s courses to best suit post-high school plans. In order to receive a diploma from Crossroads Christian School, students in grades 9-12 must successfully complete a minimum of 20 credits in core academic courses. Upon verification, electives and sports can be applied as credits.  Transferring students are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
Examples to consider in each subject are as follows:
  • 4 Bible
(e.g. Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, Bible Doctrine , Christian Faith & Living, Theology, Attributes of God, Biblical literature, Biblical geography, Christian growth, Christian evidence)
  • 4 Math
(e.g. College bound—Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus / Non-college bound—consider Consumer Math and Accounting in lieu of upper level courses)
  • 4 Science
(e.g. Biology, Physical Science, Earth Science, Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy and Physiology, etc.)
  • 4 English
(e.g. Composition, Grammar, Vocabulary, American Literature, World Literature, British Literature, Speech, etc.)
  • 4 History/Social Sciences
(e.g. American History, Ancient History, World History, Civics, Government, Geography, Economics, etc.)
  • 1-2 Foreign Language (optional, but suggested for both college and career bound students)
Incoming Students: All transferring students receiving a Crossroads diploma must complete a minimum of 10 credit hours from Crossroads and be enrolled full-time during the academic school year.
Incoming Seniors: Three consecutive years of academics (through junior year). Except for special circumstance, all seniors must be enrolled full time at Crossroads for the academic year in order to receive a diploma and complete a total of the required credits.
*Credit for students new to Crossroads is assessed on the basis of placement tests and transcripts. Interested students are encouraged to apply as early as possible to guarantee a spot and must meet the requirements for course study.

Victoria College Dual Credit

Dual Credit

Dual credit is defined as college classes that are taken in high school and counts as credit for high school and college. Students who are juniors or seniors in high school may apply for dual credit classes. 

To learn more, attend a Dual Credit Orientation Sessions:  Click here to see the dates and times.

Program Qualifications

  • Be a high school junior or senior (exemptions do exist for students who demonstrate outstanding academic performance; the Vice President of Instruction must approve) 
  • Meet high school or school district requirements for taking a dual credit class in addition to Victoria College’s requirement of a “B” average 
  • Meet any required course prerequisites 
  • Obtain permission from school and parent to take the course(s) 
  • Pass all sections of the TSI test, if not exempt.

    - ACT: 23 composite, with 19 English and 19 Math*
    - SAT: 1070 combined, with 500 Verbal and 500 Math*
    - TAKS: 2200 Reading PLUS at least a 3 on Writing, 2200 Math

 Placement Exams

 Minimum Score

 THEA Math


 SAT Math


 ACT Math


 Accuplacer Elementary Algebra


 ASSET Elementary Algebra


 COMPASS Algebra



To schedule testing, click here

TSI Assessment

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(You must complete the Pre-Activity Assessment (located at link above) before testing)

TSI Assessment Flyer

Sample Questions 

Important Information

-$30 Assessment Fee

-$30 Retake Fee

TSI Assessment times can be scheduled for:


9 a.m.

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*6:00 p.m.


8:30 a.m.**

9 a.m.

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8:30 a.m.





*Only one section can be taken at these times

**During the summer, the only test time on Friday is 8:30AM 


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