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At Crossroads Christian School, our students come from a wide range of backgrounds and are equipped for an even wider range of destinies. They can have either full- or part-time schedules, with classes personalized for each student’s needs and schedules customized to fit into each student’s life:


CCS uses a blended learning model that incorporates self-paced learning inside and outside the classroom. Self-pacing in the classroom allows students to progress at a pace that suits them. Learners who work at a fast pace have the opportunity to gain competency quickly. Learners who perform at a slower pace have the opportunity for repetition without being pushed ahead too quickly. 

Self-pacing is flexible but requires time management for submissions and meeting deadlines. In order to facilitate completion of the current year's curriculum by the last day of school, all work has target dates.

Being intentional, managing class and home time, asking for help, and adjusting as needed, are essential for success in self-paced learning.

Students are expected to stay on pace by

✔ completing their assignments throughout the duration of their course(s), 

✔  attending campus or virtual class regularly,

✔ scheduling one-on-one tutoring, and

✔ preparing ahead.




Self-paced instruction is any kind of instruction that proceeds based on learner response. 


For the self-paced classroom to be effective, CCS teachers help monitor the students' level of understanding to determine whether immediate re-teaching or acceleration is necessary.  Since grades alone are not always an indicator of understanding, each student should make us aware when they are struggling with a concept or ready to move forward. 

For whatever reason, content that a student failed to learn, can easily be assessed to reveal student misconceptions or errors in understanding, thus clarifying which content to reteach. Our teachers present previously reviewed content using a new method or approach to help our students master core concepts and elevate their learning to the next level. 

Failure to adhere to these expectations may adversely affect learning and ultimately a student’s grade.

CCS students have numerous opportunities for review, remediation or academic acceleration.   Parents and students need to collaborate and experiment to determine what is most effective for them and notify student services as soon as possible with requests to revise their schedule and adjust their pace.  As with any educational program, abandoned assignments will receive a zero or an incomplete for the course. 

Gifted Students and Accelerated Learners

Students can often be overlooked in a large classroom. Unfortunately, because the student is unchallenged or bored in class, families are sometimes alerted because of behavior problems or failing grades, even though the student is highly intelligent. CCS understands how a student’s need for an accelerated education affects learning. Come see how students who are ready to accelerate their learning thrive at Crossroads Christian School.

Gifted Students Looking to Accelerate

CCS accommodates students who are ready for academic acceleration by addressing academic needs, providing academic challenge through rigorous curriculum, and tailoring education to each child’s academic and social and emotional readiness.  

Personalized Support

In our one-to-one, flexible, and self-paced classrooms, the student is the center of attention, and the teachers are able to personalize each course just for them. Students can move at an accelerated pace and get the opportunity to dig deeper into subjects they are passionate about or even plan for early graduation.

Students with ADHD or ADD

We understand how ADD and ADHD affect learning. CCS provides academic programs with social and emotional support. Our classrooms provide a much smaller student-teacher ratio and thus an environment with much fewer distractions than a traditional classroom.  To address a student’s challenges with attention and hyperactivity, CCS minimizes the potential for distractions, provides organizational support, offers immediate assistance, and builds a strong teacher connection.

Personalized Learning for Each Student

Teacher/mentors personalize course content to each student’s individual interests, resulting in a higher level of engagement. Given the smaller student-teacher ratio, students are able to contribute their thoughts and ideas to every discussion and teachers ensure that conversations remain relevant to the course content. Students feel seen, heard, and understood.


Supporting ADD and ADHD in the Classroom

In a one-to-one, flexible, and self-paced classroom, we’re able to tailor curriculum and teaching styles for each individual student. This helps keep students engaged with the material and truly learn. Though each class is customized, here are some strategies our teacher/mentors employ with our ADD/ADHD students:

✔ Provide an overview of the lesson
✔ Divide work into smaller, less complex tasks
✔ Provide structure and consistency
✔ Provide visual aids 
✔ Eliminate/reduce the frequency of timed tests
✔ Color-code materials
✔ Provide mnemonics as study aids
✔ Allow students to work on the whiteboard
✔ Engage as many senses as possible into learning

Students With Challenging Schedules

Sports, 4-H, rodeo, dual credit college courses, trade school, work, responsibilities, and circumstances in life can impede a structured education.   Learn how Crossroads Christian School provides customized scheduling for students with busy schedules so you can follow your passions and fulfill your responsibilities.

How Changing Schedules Helps Students

Students pursuing extracurricular passions have rigorous schedules that traditional schools cannot accommodate. CCS offers customized scheduling so students can still pursue their dreams while receiving an education.

A Schedule That Works for Your Student

Classes at CCS are personalized, flexible, and self-paced. This allows for a more adaptable schedule than a traditional school environment. Students can start their day earlier or later, depending on what works best for them and their families. CCS students have 24-hour access to their courses, and we operate year-round. Students can start any time of the year--even mid-semester. A success coach works with families to create a schedule that works best for them and makes sure they have the right credits to complete their requirements for graduation.

Students with Specific Learning Disabilities

(Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia)

CCS provides academic programs with social and emotional support for students with reading intervention needs. In a one-to-one environment, our teacher/mentors can personalize instruction and assessments for the student's strengths.  Our on-campus reading intervention specialist works one-on-one daily with each child.


We understand how specific learning disabilities can affect understanding and we have developed strategies to support our students. In CCS’s one-to-one instruction, our teachers can personalize for each individual student. This includes how course material is presented and how students are assessed. For students with reading intervention needs, this relieves their stress so they can focus on truly learning the material.


Supporting Specific Learning Disabilities in the Classroom

In our personalized, one-to-one program, we are able to tailor our instruction and approach for each individual student. This allows us to adjust to the way each student learns best. Though each class is customized, here are some strategies our teacher/mentors employ with our students with dyslexia:

✔ Using the Text-to-speech functionality for reading assignments
✔ Color-coding materials
✔ Using multi-sensory methods: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic
✔ Assigning alternative assignments
✔ Allowing writing assignments to be submitted orally