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Thank you so much for your interest in Crossroads Christian School.  CCS is dedicated to providing students with every opportunity for academic excellence and guided growth in their mental, spiritual and social development. Crossroads is not part of any church but rather is a non-denominational homeschool, transforming the lives of students and cultivating constructive relationships with the Victoria community. We believe quality Christian education is achieved when parents, students, and teachers firmly support the school in every aspect and maintain open communication with one another. The following specifics are essential:

♦ Parents are responsible for their child’s education and spiritual growth.

♦ Staff must realize a calling for teaching and be spiritually and academically qualified.

♦ Students must have a desire to strive for excellence in studies and activities, to be respectful of others and to serve the school, church and the community.

While this site can provide you with an introduction to Crossroads Christian School, there is no substitute for visiting our campus and experiencing our community firsthand through a campus tour. 





Complete the online application and submit the non-refundable $100 application fee (included if applying for the Gold program). CCS accepts applications at any time up to a year in advance of the student’s intended start date. Once we reach campus capacity, students will be added to a waitlist or can choose to work from home. 


Schedule a time for all guardians and students applying to interview with administration. 


Email or fax (361-298-2003) immunization, education and identification records.  Submit the $500 registration fee (included if applying for the Gold program).

Unclear, ambiguous, and incomplete applications will not be considered for admission. Applications are considered incomplete and cannot move through the approval process if we have not received all proper documentation:

  • completed application (apply here)
  • non-refundable application fee ($100--pay here)1
  • non-refundable registration fee ($500--pay here)1
  • academic record of credits/grades earned (ie transcript)2
  • copy of conduct & attendance records2, 3
  • copy of standardized test scores and any neuropsychological testing2
  • any IEP or 504 documentation2
  • current immunization record
  • a copy of student birth certificate2
  • a copy of student Social Security card2
  • a copy of all guardians’ photo IDs2


Register an account with FACTS (Click here )and set up a payment plan. *ALL TUITION NOT SUBMITTED THROUGH FACTS WILL BE SUBJECT TO A 5% PROCESSING FEE.*

Students are NOT considered enrolled until the CCS Office has received all documentation and all fees have been paid.4

While we always hope to be a good fit for each and every family that applies, Crossroads Christian reserves the right to deny admission to any student whom we determine would not benefit from the programs and services available at Crossroads Christian. The family also reserves the right to withdraw from the admissions process at any time or to have their application put on hold for up to a year. 

CCS admits students of any race, color, creed, ethnicity, gender, or physical and cognitive ability and does not discriminate or retaliate on these bases in the administration of its educational policies, admission policies, and other school-administered programs.

In this current and challenging culture, we want to thank you again for considering us as your partner in the most important responsibility you have as a parent: preparing the next generation of responsible adults.



Special Education

If your student has emotional challenges, special learning needs, or other circumstances that might affect his or her ability to successfully complete their course, please notify us. 

Any information provided will be kept strictly confidential. It will only be shared with the student's current CCS instructor(s) and will be destroyed upon course completion upon request.

For questions concerning accommodations or to submit IEP or 504 Plans, please contact 
Student Services 
Fax: 361.298.2003
Office: 361.212.3078
IEP/504 Plans

Federal law requires school districts to develop and carry out Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and 504 Plans for students who reside in their districts. Students who enroll at Crossroads Christian School (CCS) must provide the most current IEPs and/or 504 Plans. CCS’s director conducts an initial assessment of each student applying for enrollment. The initial assessment identifies many factors that impact student learning, including IEPs and 504 Plans.

Based on the information provided, the education professional assigned to the IEP or 504 Plan(s) determines how the accommodations and/or modifications assigned to the student can be supported within CCS’s digital and or classroom environment.


The documentation of a student’s plan(s) and determinations are shared with the parents/guardians, student, and as appropriate and applicable, with the assigned instructor(s). Parents/Guardians can give CCS instructors the authority to communicate directly with the assigned professionals for ongoing consultation.

CCS teachers may attend IEP/504 meetings (ARDs) for students who are enrolled in any of our programs. Our teachers can be asked to provide brief written summaries directly related to the student's progress on elements outlined in the student's provided IEP/504 Plan documents that were provided to CCS. Such requests should be submitted to our director.


International Students

If you are a student living outside the United States who aspires to attend university in the U.S., congratulations! By considering Crossroads Christian School, you are already taking an important step towards making your higher education dreams come true. International students who wish to enroll are welcome at Crossroads Christian School. No matter where you live, CCS offers K-12 students the same benefits that families in the USA receive. Your child can experience a high-quality, private, American education.

Our online, private school program motivates students, sets them up for academic success, and prepares them for their future. Through our global online classroom, students can build international friendships while gaining and understanding worldwide perspectives and ideas. CCS courses engage students with modern technology that enhances their learning experience and provides access to exciting virtual core, CTE and elective courses (all courses are taught in English).

World-Class Curriculum for International Students

Our unique educational experience helps students around the world advance academically and achieve success by offering:

✔ a rigorous and engaging, interactive curriculum tailored to meet your student’s needs.
✔ program options for an accredited or home-school diploma that can open doors to American universities.
✔ a flexible learning pace and innovative, interactive online technology.
✔ expert instruction from specialized teachers.
✔ instant messaging that provides one-on-one and immediate support.
✔ on-line social opportunities where students can establish and build meaningful connections with peers.
✔ a robust onboarding program to support and help new families get off to a strong start with virtual school.
✔ program options with translation tools in over 70+ language

Ignitia, available in both our Silver and Gold programs, is user-friendly for our international and ESL students, translating lessons into over 72 different languages. 

College Credits and Online Certifications

Studies show that an increasing number of international students are attending US high schools as a stepping stone towards secondary education in the States.  CCS helps students achieve success not only during their time at CCS but well after graduation by providing opportunities and resources that help our international students prepare for their future.  Whether enrolling in an university or becoming an entrepreneur, our international students are set up for international success. Students can take Advanced Placement® courses, earn college credits, and/or obtain industry-relevant credentials and certificates. 

We Prepare Your Student for Success
in Higher Education—and Beyond


Our success coaching helps guide international students towards U.S. universities that suit them best by preparing students for the SAT, ACT, and Advanced Placement® exams needed for college entry. You can even get a head start on college while still in high school with dual credit courses!

Quality Support

Each student is matched with a dedicated success coach who will work with your student individually to provide ongoing support to help your student reach their full potential. As often as possible, CCS will provide accommodations for English language learners as they adjust to their classes. 

We understand the importance of support as you begin
your process of learning here in America.


Application Process

Crossroads Christian School is currently accepting applications for international students. Please contact student services for more information: 1-361-212-3078

✔ Immunization Verification Records.
✔ Proof of health insurance.
✔ Birth certificate (with English translation).
✔ Copy of passport or student visa.
✔ Completed CCS application.
✔ Translated, official, copy of transcripts.
✔ Online interview.
✔ 30 days in country*

*CCS requires that students be in the United States for 30 days before they can attend on campus to be assured that they are healthy and well.  Students can work online from home until the isolation obligation is fulfilled.


If you plan to travel, please be aware that there are travel restrictions. See the Center for Disease Control's website for more.  


Nondiscrimination Statement

Crossroads Christian School recruits and admits qualified students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, gender, or disability to all rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. The school will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, gender, or disability, in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarships, tuition remission, educational programs, extracurricular activities or other school-administered programs. The school will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, age, gender, or disability in the hiring of its certified or noncertified personnel.

1Space is limited; these fees secure your child a spot at CCS and include the curriculum, RenWeb, FACTS, and all required school supplies. (NOTE: These fees are included in the Gold program.) 

2Private primary schools are required to request records when enrolling a child under 11 years of age to verify the child’s name, birth date, and previous school records. If documentation is not provided, the school shall notify the appropriate law enforcement agency to determine if the child has been reported missing. (Tex. Cord of Criminal Procedure Ann. Chapter 63)

3Exclusion of Students with Documented Discipline Histories

Subject to and in accordance with Texas law, CCS will not generally accept students with documented criminal histories, juvenile court adjudications, or other serious discipline problems, including expulsion, under Subchapter A, Chapter 37 of the Education Code. A parent may appeal if there are extenuating circumstances concerning student discipline history in accordance with the general grievance policy.

4Any unpaid balance will result in termination of enrollment and prevent the release of official school documents (i.e. diplomas, transcripts, certificates of completion, and report cards, etc.) until all accounts are resolved. The Verification of Enrollment Form for the student will be reported and submitted to the State of Texas as not currently enrolled.

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