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Tuition Options

CCS students have 2 main options for enrollment: the Silver program and the Gold program. Each program has a base price with the option to add on additional courses or dual enroll. 

$100 Application Fee*
 (non-refundable, due with application)
$500 Registration Fee
(non-refundable, due at registration)

This secures your child a spot at CCS and includes the curriculum, FACTS, RenWeb, supplemental curriculums and required school supplies.

5% Sibling Discount
(Receive 5% off per additional student enrolled.)
Monthly Payment Options
$450/mo Aug-May (10 mo)
$409/mo Aug-Jun (11 mo)
$375/mo Aug-July (12 mo)


$400/mo Aug-May (10 mo)
$364/mo Aug-Jun (11 mo)
$334/mo Aug-July (12 mo)
*Payment options available via FACTS: click here to enroll in our payment plan.*

6-12th (up to 5.5 cr)
Application Fee
Registration Fee


5% Sibling Discount
(Receive 5% off per additional student enrolled.)
Semester Payment Option
*Pay by check or cash

Financial Assistance

CCS offers the following avenues for financial support, each with its own unique requirements and applications. Please see the specified personnel with questions and for more information.  

Grant & Aid Assessment

Tuition Assistance for the upcoming school year is no longer available. However, as circumstances change, assistance might be available in the future. Please visit FACTS to fill out the application. 


The Homeschool Foundation

The Homeschool Foundation (HSF) helps families homeschool through hard times and promotes homeschooling in the U.S. and around the world. They do so by providing grants to homeschooling families to help them overcome the financial hurdles of purchasing school books and resources.