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At CCS, our goal is to assist the family in the mentorship and education of the student and to ensure the student has every opportunity for success. We accomplish this through our success coaching, offered to every student at regular intervals throughout the year and as needed by request.

It starts with offering diverse and trusted curriculums available in virtual and consumable; on and off campus; as independent, one-on-one, and small group; and modified for 504 and GT.

We know every student’s life is different. That’s why CCS works with students and families to create a unique schedule that is flexible and tailored to each family. We remove the limitations imposed by a physical classroom and let students learn at their own ideal pace. 

We know that students learn best when the material is relevant to them. Our education model helps struggling learners catch up to grade level as they quickly close learning gaps. It also allows students to complete two grades simultaneously or consecutively within one year.

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